Human Resources


Our Mission as Human Resources Department

The mission of Human Resources Department of Feyziye Mektepleri Vakfı, whose main goal is to raise good human beings, is to  carry our Foundation Schools to the future with their employer who think, search, interrogate and who are  eager to improve themselves, by creating a modern, universal and a secular environment for them.

Our Policy as Human Resources Department

-         *To improve practices which protect the rights of employees and employers equally according to Labor Law, Social  Security Institution & Ministry of Education laws and regulations.

          *To recruit people who are suitable for the organizational culture , to make contribution to their improvement  and increase their performances by in- service training programmes.

          *To reach the goals set by our foundation by developing practices in corporation with the General Management and School Administration.

          *To develop practices  in order  to increase  the employer  satisfaction , since we are aware that only happy staff can do a good job.

          *To develop prescient projects by building an efficient and productive structure with the aid of technology paying regard to our institutional  values .

          *To bring 'IŞIK' identity  to our employers by arranging trainings, meetings and organizations in our campuses.



The number of the teachers required for the following year is decided according to permanent staff plans and workload analysis.

The opening is announced through  various media organs. Job applications for the opening or in general can be made through our website or

The applications made in person or by fax, e-mail are not taken under consideration.

Applicants for teaching positions must have the qualifications  which are required by Ministry of Education in order to be assigned.

All the job applicants for openings are reviewed by HR Department and shared with the related departments. Psychometric tests can be applied to the candidates and video cv recordings can be asked to sent.

After reviewing, suitable applicants  are invited for an interview. English language speakers are preferable. More than one interview can be made with the applicant if necessary or  lesson observation can be asked.

Appropriate candidates get the job offer from HR Department. After the contract is signed by the new employer, an information message is sent to the other applicants  which announces that the position is taken.

The teachers sign their contract in their school' s Editorial Department Office. They are asked to hand in their documents 1 week before the school starts.

The new staff is asked to attend the orientation program in August. The decision about in which campus the new employer will work is made by the HR Department  according to the requirements.


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